Impact Resistant Windows and Doors

As more and more people move closer to the coast, the need for a quality, high-performance impact window and door is growing.


With that in mind, Moss has been working for several years to develop a design that is attractive, yet rugged enough to withstand the rigors of nature’s fury. The Grand Isle Series is the answer.


What separates the Grand Isle Series from other windows?

The base of this virgin PVC window is just mass-the more vinyl, the more spaces in strategic places in the extrusion, the heavier the frame. Really a simple concept. It’s lovely appearance belies the formidable frame. Try it for yourself: pick up a hand sample of a conventional vinyl window and then pick up the same size in the Grand Isle. You can feel the difference even before we reinforce the frame.


You add to this attractive, but massive frame, a state-of-art laminated glass package that is designed to withstand wind-blown debris while maintaining the integrity of your home.


Vinyl, by nature, does not conduct energy as does aluminum, for instance.


Augment your glass package with argon gas, and you have an attractive impact-resistant window that is more energy efficient than conventional laminated glass. Your cool comfort will stay even cooler longer with Grand Isle.


Your home will be quieter as well. Vinyl with conventional insulated glass brings quiet quickly from outside noises, but when augmented with laminated glass, your Grand Isle windows just brought an even greater degree of shssssh, to your home.


Vinyl was born to be coastal. Unlike it's older aluminum cousins, this product does not chip, peel, or flake in that unique environment. When you complement your new Grand Isle windows with the  21st Century Series 7250 patio door, you will have an attractive, dependable combination for decades of maintenance- friendly service at an affordable price.


When can we craft a Grand Isle window for your home?